A night with Fabio Frizzi

It’s been a rough month to be perfectly honest, but Becca surprised me with tickets to see Fabio Frizzi, whose Frizzi 2 Fulci tour made its way to Pittsburgh — Frizzi’s first time here.

Frizzi said of this tour, which features a set of Fulci themes and a showing of The Beyond with full soundtrack by Frizzi and his band, “The definitive mix of a movie is a difficult matter in which [everyone’s] ideas flow and where the director has to create the right balance under his artistic view. For the new composer’s cut, I found my old notes taken with Lucio and many of the scenes that I newly scored contain the original, unused music cues…It is basically a new reading of that movie. I tried to do the work imagining Lucio sitting beside me. The true Beyond is always the one dated 1981, but I hope this new one will be a pleasant experience for all of those who loved that one.”

It was a magical evening, with the first set ending with an incredible cover of the theme from Zombi, which was a sure crowd pleaser. Then, after a ten-minite intermission, the band and Frizzi returned for the composer’s cut of Fulci’s 1981 masterwork.

With most of the dialogue being made secondary to the music, this allowed Fulci’s visual style to stand even more up front. I refuse to believe that the so-called “Godfather of Gore” is a hack as many claim and seeing this revised version only made my love for this film stronger.

You can purchase maestro Frizzi’s albums at Cadabra Records or get the Frizzi 2 Fulci live album from Mondo. To learn more, visit the official Facebook page. What you won’t be able to get is the barf bag that was a giveaway at the show.

Here are the rest of his tour dates:

11/23/2019 Youngstown OH @ Westside Bowl
11/24/2019 Boston MA @ Coolidge Corner Theatre
11/25/2019 Philadelphia PA @ Warehouse on Watts
11/26/2019 Brooklyn NY @ Murmrr Theatre
11/28/2019 Greenville SC @ Radio Room
11/30/2019 Knoxville TN @ Central Cinema
12/01/2019 Nashville TN @ Exit / In
12/02/2019 New Orleans LA @ The Church at Hotel Peter and Paul
12/03/2019 Lafayette LA @ Freetown Boom Boom Room
12/04/2019 Dallas TX @ Gas Monkey
12/05/2019 Austin TX @ The Parish
12/07/2019 Tempe AZ @ Club Red
12/09/2019 Los Angeles CA @ The Fonda Theatre
12/10/2019 San Francisco CA @ The Chapel
12/11/2019 Portland OR @ Hollywood Theatre
12/12/2019 Seattle WA @ Fremont Abbey
12/15/2019 Denver CO @ Bluebird Theatre
12/17/2019 Little Rock AR @ Vinos
12/18/2019 Jacksonville FL @ Sun-Ray Cinema
12/19/2019 West Palm Beach FL @ Kelsey Theatre
12/20/2019 Atlanta GA @ Masquerade

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