Housekeeping note!

Hey everyone, this is Sam. In an effort to cut down the amount of time I put into this site, I’ve created a FB page and also a group page. This will enable me to autopost everything there, as well as cut down on the amount of spam that people that are just my normal, non-movie loving friends have to deal with.

Please join those groups and you’ll get to see every single post and article we create.

Thanks and I appreciate you reading the site!

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping note!

  1. Hey I really like the B&S about Movies site. I discover (or rediscover) many films from here as well as from the Trailers From Hell site. But Facebook….really. Fuck that.
    I once was a booker at a punk club right when that was starting to take over the culture and I thought it was mindless and sellout–especially when the “head booker” shamed me for not getting on that platform.


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