Wrestling Slasher Month at Wrestling With Film!

My friend Paul Andolina runs Wrestling With Film, a site that celebrates the crossover between professional wrestling and movies. It’s pretty great — packed with insightful thoughts on these movies as well as interviews with some of the wrestlers who starred in them. You can also check out his Facebook page, which has even more.

This month, Paul is doing a wrestling slasher month. Here are some of the films he’s featured (along with Axeman, which he reviewed for our site). Check them out!

  • Wrestlemassacre: Randy is an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, Randy is only met with abject humiliation and alienation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school coupled with a bizarre encounter with a demonic stranger pushes Randy over the edge and lights the spark for his blood lust.
  • Hot Blood Sunday: The owner of an ice-cream shop hires five attractive women to boost sales, and the plan works until someone starts killing the lovely ladies.
  • Wrestlemaniac: A low-budget film- maker takes his cast and crew to a ghost town with a horrifying legend, a crazed former Mexican wrestler carrying out deadly pile-driving murders.
  • SleeperTwo detectives must find an escaped killer before he harms the object of his twisted affection.
  • Killer CampoutTwo youth counselors bring a group of emotionally troubled teens deep into the woods for a weekend of solitude and confrontational therapy. The trip turns deadly when they are terrorized by a cannibalistic hermit with a thirst for blood.
  • Axeman 2: Overkill: An axe-wielding urban legend who dismembers evangelicals, murderous bank robbers and vigilantes that clash with one another in the woodsy Cutter’s Creek is in turn pursued by the town’s tough female deputy.

What slashers will come next? What wrestlers will be in them? Who will Survivor Series and what will be left of them?

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