Backtrace (2018)

Twenty years after a botched robbery, three grifters kidnap an amnesia patient to jog his memory and find the long-lost money. It’s directed by Brian A. Miller, who has also been behind several direct to video Bruce Willis vehicles like ViceThe Prince and Reprisal.

After suffering a brain injury from that aforementioned heist, MacDonald (Matthew Modine) has spent seven years suffering from amnesia in a prison psychiatric ward. Then, a fellow inmate and the prison doctor (Ryan Guzman, Rio from the abortive Jem and the Holograms movie and Meadow Williams, Apollo 13) break him out and inject him with a drug that gives him back his old mind. Now, in order to get back the money, MacDonald must escape Detective Sykes (Sylvester Stallone in a glorified cameo), FBI agent Franks (Christopher McDonald, who I always refer to as Shooter McGavin) and the side effects of the drug.

If you’re heading into this expecting a Stallone cop thriller, perhaps you should just watch Cobra or Nighthawks. Actually, that’s totally what you should do. Or be brave like me and watch this on Hulu.

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