Bunkheads (2018)

Created by Will Gong, directed by Lauren Klixbull and produced by Gabriel Reiter, Bunkheads is a self-distributed short-form series starring Josh Covitt (The Mindy Project), Carly Turro (Homeland), Khalif Boyd (Criminal Minds), and Chris O’Brien (Rosewood) as roommates who are forced to live together in a bunker during a zombie apocalypse.

This random group includes Dani the actress, Cash the computer nerd who loves to work out, Matt the elementary teacher who tries to hold everyone together and Kip, an immature wannabe rapper. While trapped in the cramped quarters of a now-deceased Korean millionaire, the Bunkheads live on canned food and try not to drive one another crazy.

Will they get rescued? Is there anyone else still alive? Will they kill one another before the zombies get them? All of these questions — and more — will be answered.

There are only six episodes, but they pass by quickly and are pretty amusing. While no second season has been announced, I’d love to see where the story goes next. It was plenty of fun and moves so fast that the entire season is over before you realize it.

You can watch Bunkheads on Amazon Prime.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this show by its PR team. That has no impact on our review.

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