Silencio (2018)

This movie is based on the real-life Mexican Zone of Silence, which shares the 27th parallel with the Bermuda Triangle, the pyramids at Giza and Tibet’s sacred cities. It’s a place where conversations stop dead, electronic devices stop working and supposedly aliens have been witnessed. Or it’s totally a made-up legend for tourist bucks.

In order to save her son’s life, Ana must find a powerful stone that her grandfather found inside that very same Zone of Silence. But now, she’s also learning more about her family, her life (and death) and the secrets of the Zone than she ever wanted to.

Director Lorena Villarreal has only one other directorial credit, 2004’s Las lloronas, made nearly 15 years before the Hollywood version that came out this year. Yet this was an assured and very interesting movie that asks, “What would you do if you had the power over life and death?”

There’s plenty of gorgeous scenery and some actual shocking moments. This one kept my attention from beginning to end.

Want to learn more? Visit the official site and then check this movie out when its available on VOD and DVD May 14 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

3 thoughts on “Silencio (2018)

  1. Isn’t there . . . I know there is, but I can’t find the site at the moment. But there is someplace in Pennsylvania (or the Carolinas) where there’s some perpetual electomagnetic field in the woods (it’s a tourist spot) where brooms stand on end, balls roll backwards, and you end up with weird depth receptions of people standing next to each other where one looks smaller than the other–even though they’re the same size. And if you stay there to long, you start to get queasy. Ugh! Can’t find that web story.

    I do recall reading stories and my dad telling me stories that it was believed there is a “Great Pyramid” at the bottom of the Atlantic, in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and there’s some type of crystal in it’s apex–like some type of reactor–and every now and then it “activates” and that’s where all the ships and planes are “going.” (They’re being transported to that graveyard on the Darkside of the Moon (a beloved Alien rip-off of mine!).

    There was this book of Atlantis I read years ago. It explain “how” the pyramid stones (and the coral rocks of Florida’s Coral Castle; the stones of Stongehenge) were “moved.” The earth is covered in “electromagnetic highways” and ancient astronaut techologies used by the ancients learned the craft to use the “highways.”‘

    “God Bless the ‘ittle peepole of Stunehenge” — Nigel Tuffnel

    P.S. Nick Nolte? Is that you?


  2. I did find this. I’ll dig. I think this is where the “magnetic broom” story is. Good read. It’s a safe link. “Top Ten Most Haunted Graveyards and Cemetaries.” I’ll “link it” under my name next to the avatar of this post. Don’t want post links into the text box.


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