Ten Baskin-Robbins ice cream movie flavors

How amazing is it that Baskin-Robbins used to make movie based flavors? Some of them make sense, as you can totally see people ordering these flavors. And some of them are for movies that quickly bombed in and out of theaters, leaving behind only orphaned ice cream flavors that perhaps no one wanted. Scoop it up and dig him, here are ten that we found.

1. Condorman Crunch from Condorman: Disney had high hopes for Condorman, but it didn’t make enough money for a sequel. But kids in the summer of 1981 had a chance to get a cone filled with ice cream named for this superhero spy spoof.

2. Can’t Stop the Nuts from Can’t Stop the Music: Of course 1980 was the year of the Village People. It was also a year or so past disco’s shelf date, so one imagines that not many got a cone of this.

3. Lunar Cheesecake from Men in Black 3: Did you love the film? Then you’ll probably kinda like the ice cream!

4. All sorts of stuff for Captain America: Show me the kid that wanted a Hydra Force Sundae and I’ll show you a maniac. Hydra are basically Nazis, right?

5. Monte Carlo Stripe from Herbie Goes to Monte CarloI have no idea what goes into Monte Carlo Ice Cream. Has anyone out there tried this flavor?

6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Electro milkshake from The Amazing Spider-Man 2One imagines that Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko wanted nothing to do with this ice cream. That said — those are some crazy colors!

7. 0031 Secret Bonded inspired by James Bond: The flavor to this 1965 spy craze ice cream is now top secret. But trust us — it existed.

8. All manner of X-Men items for X2: Of course, we all remember that time that Wolverine couldn’t control his berserker rage and a Berry Rampage ensued.

9. Fantastic Love Island from the Bollywood film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein:  Even India isn’t safe from flavors that tie-in to movies.

10. Bewitched ice cream: Alright, I know, it’s cheating. But isn’t a Bewitched ice cream much cooler than a Shrek or Minions cone?

What did I miss? What’s your favorite movie flavor?

2 thoughts on “Ten Baskin-Robbins ice cream movie flavors

  1. I ate Monte Carlo Stripe! It was vanilla with blue and red berry ribbons mixed in. I liked it! But I did love Herbie so I was predisposed. No one I knew remembered this. I knew I didn’t make it up!


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