April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama catchup!

We’ve sadly reached the end of another drive-in weekend. That feeling of pulling away from the Riverside Drive-In is the most palpable sadness that I know, realizing that it’ll be five months plus until I’m back, eating great food, looking through videos, loading my trunk full of beer and staying up way too late.

The least I can do to remember all this is to share our past articles on the films that were shown this weekend.

Full disclosure: We skipped Friday night, due to a combination of work going way too late and no interest at all in watching a Troma film on the drive-in screen. I consider the majority of their output as VHS rental fare — not a bad thing — that is poorly made and places sophomoric comedy over actual storytelling — definitely bad things.

  • Basket Case: This will be up on our site May 1.
  • The Toxic Avenger: I liked this movie when I was 12. Luckily, I moved on.
  • Slithis
  • Blood Beach

Night two’s line-up was pretty much perfect, with movies packed with either memories or weirdness. I was excited that Becca got to see Burial Ground for the first time and was pleasantly surprised that she enjoyed it.

As always, the April drive-in show is one of my holiday weekends. And we even got to take Cubby this year!



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