The Tattooist (2018)

We first met Michael Wong when he sent us his film The Story of 90 Coins. Now, he returns with what he’s calling a micro short, which lasts a little over a minute and appears to be the trailer for what could be quite an interesting horror film.

Wong shot everything at the Scream Zone Escape Room in Beijing, using real tattooists and Troy’s Team Action, a professional stunt team who also supported behind the scenes as cinematographers as well as acting as the camera operator, gaffer and assistant director.

I’m interested in seeing more and I really love the shot of The Tattooist doing his weird dance at the end.

Check it out right here:

We’ve since heard from Micheal Wong with an update on the progress of The Tattooist. It was a winner at Canada’s Bloody Horror International Film Festival, the Horrorhaus Film Festival in LA, and Canada’s Terror in the Bay Film Festival, as well as multiple wins at the Diabolical Horror Film Festival, and a nominee at the Vancouver Badass Film Festival.

You can learn more about the film and Michael Wong’s career at the film’s official Facebook page. Michael is a filmmaker to watch for — and we look forward to his next offering. And when that film comes, you’ll hear about it, first, at B&S About Movies, your celluloid Pittsburgh to Beijing connection.

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