At the End of the Day (2018)

A conservative Christian professor discovers a profound change when he finds himself implanted as a spy in a gay support group with the goal of stopping their plans to open an LGBTQ youth shelter in a small town. Yes, this isn’t the kind of movie we usually cover, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t interesting.

After losing both his wife and counseling practice, 32-year-old Dave Hopper retreats back to his Christian college alma mater and a part-time job teaching.

The college’s growth plans have been stopped by a gay support group who wants to open an LGBT homeless teen shelter in a space the college wants to move into. The dean offers Dave a full-time tenure if he can stop them from gaining the property.

Now, Dave is face-to-face with the people he’s been counseling against for his entire life. But now that he’s meeting the actual people — and not just the idea — his theory of “love the sinner, hate the sin” gets challenged.

I really liked the idea that everyone in the support group instantly saw through Dave, realizing that he wasn’t gay, but embracing him anyway. This is a touching yet funny insight into people who yearn to be closer to God and a faith that wants to keep them away.

Writer/director Kevin O’Brien said, “It is my hope that At the End of the Day can bring healing to many who have been harmed, encouragement to those who have been doing the hard work of equality, and an opportunity for others to question their black-and-white worldview.”

Give it a shot. You can catch At the End of the Day On Demand this February.

NOTE: This movie came to us from its PR firm but that had no impact on our review.

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