I could take these movies to a used store, I could just take them to Goodwill but you and I know that physical media is awesome and must be preserved and shared and loved.

So this Christmas — I’m giving away eleven movies!

These will be random giveaways and here’s how you can win!

  1. Please share this post on social media. If you want to share it on more than one platform, Merry Christmas!
  2. Comment on it below with your favorite movie we’ve reviewed.
  3. Get ready to win big.

I’ll get these out right after the holiday to the lucky winners!

You’ll get one of these movie collections — it’s gonna generally be a shitty DVD and not a fancy blu ray with a few exceptions — unless you already have the movie. I alone will be the arbiter of the films as they are sent!

Here’s what you could win!

SET ONE: Stephen King (and Goldie Hawn) lovers (Needful Things – MGM DVD, Misery – MGM DVD, Overboard)

SET TWO: For the kids, kind of! (The Baby – Severin blu ray, The Muppets Take Manhattan, GI Joe: Spytroops)

SET THREE: Disasters (Deep Blue Sea, Final Destination and Earthquake)


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