An Hour to Kill (2018)

Two assassins who couldn’t be more different in age or demeanor have an hour to kill before their next hit — which might pit one against the other. To help pass the time, they share horror stories with one another. Seems like a good set-up and as you know, we sure do love our anthology films.

In the first story, “Valkyrie’s Bunker,” a group of Nazis have made their way to the Hollywood hills to attempt to rebuild their forces. They get destroyed before that can happen, with only one of their number surviving to murder anyone who tries to steal his weed. This story practically flew by before building any real steam, but it had a good start.

In “Assacre,” a totally brutal pepper spells the end of a competitive eating contest.

And in “Hog Hunters,” a bowling team that for some reason acts more like a biker gang attempts to initiate a new member.

They’re all framed by the hitman story, which features way better acting than I’ve come to expect from direct to streaming anthology films. Mel Novak (Game of Death, Samurai Cop 2) shows up as Mr. Kinski, a mob boss, so in the world of genre films, that’s someone’s — yep, I would be that person — idea of a star.

You can find this on Amazon Prime.

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