Mrs. Claus (2018)

Christmas horror is the best time of the year — who wants Halloween to go away so soon? And who is ready for Christmas so early? It’s a great way to ease into the holidays. Thankfully, Paul Andolina is here with another seasonally perfect movie. Want to read more of what Paul has to say? Then check out Wrestling with Film.

I’m back for yet another guest review on B&S About Movies, this time around it’s the 2018 film Mrs. Claus. A sorority house is struck by violence 10 years ago when after vicious pranks take their toll, a recent addition to the Delta Sigma Sigma sorority flips out and kills one of her fellow sisters at a Christmas party. She then hangs herself in the yard. Fast forward 10 years and the sister of the girl murdered has become a sister at the same sorority.

It’s Christmas yet again and someone dressed in a creepy mask and Mrs. Claus costume is killing everyone at the recently revived annual Christmas gathering. This movie borrows its inspiration heavily from other holiday-themed slasher films, namely Black Christmas and Silent Night Deadly Night with its families with troubled pasts, a sorority plagued by a violent history, and some surprising plot elements sure to throw you through a loop.

This movie is low budget but that doesn’t mean it lacks heart and it I think it was a good effort overall. There are some things that had me scratching my head that didn’t make sense but it was still entertaining. The movie is largely confined to the Delta Sigma Sigma house, but the festive decorations of the sorority really do help bring the film some holiday charm that so many lower budget Christmas horror films tend to lack.

The actors were decent, with the actors portraying Kayla and Jake being strong points in my opinion. The lead actress who played the main protagonist Danielle was also very good. The effects when used were excellent with plenty of red syrupy blood that made me think of candied apples. Brinke Stevens from the Slumber Party Massacre movie is in the film as campus security and seeing her in a genre role will certainly tickle some slasher fanatics’ fancies. Brinke Stevens also has a small connection to films that star wrestlers as she has an uncredited role as an extra in the film … All the Marbles.

… All the Marbles is about a female tag team called the California dolls. It stars Lenny “The Bull” Montana and Jumbo Hori, a female Japanese wrestler.

If you’re looking for a newer film to check out that involves a killer on Christmas this may fill your slasher stocking with some much needed goodies. The kills are festive and overall it was a satisfying way to spend 86 minutes. Make sure to sit through the credits or you’ll miss some important stuff related to the plot.

Mrs. Claus is available to rent on Amazon Video or if you’re lucky enough to still have a Family Video around you mine had it in stock. If you feel like picking up a copy Amazon also has it on DVD. It’s also availble as a free-with-ads stream on Tubi.

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