SPECIAL REPORT: Our trip to Scarecrow Video in Seattle!

All hail Scarecrow Video! On our trip to Seattle, I had only one request: to see this monument to movies in person. Nothing could prepare me for the experience.

How can a place like this stay in business? Simple. It’s status as a non-profit archive, which exists to bring people and film together.

For more than 28 years, Scarecrow’s devoted caretakers have slowly built the largest independently owned video and physical media library in the country, currently boasting over 130,000 titles. Plus, they offer help to the local film scene and unlike so many physical media places that have stayed alive, like comic book shops and record stores, they’re staffed by some of the friendliest people I’ve met.

But enough of me talking! Take a look at the amazing video footage they were kind enough to let me shoot. My mind is still blown as I’ve never been to a video store with a Sergio Martino or Bigfoot section before. Keep your eyes peeled at the end of video as I caught Becca in the TV murder shows room as she nearly broke down in tears at how much they had that she wanted to watch.

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