Goldstone (2016)

Three years after successfully exposing the corruption in his hometown in the film Mystery Road, Indigenous Detective Jay Swan’s next case takes him to the mining town of Goldstone to find a missing tourist. What he finds is even more corruption and deceit than before.

Jay is no saint — he’s drunk the moment he pulls into town and is arrested by a young local cop named Josh. They eventually become friends and begin to work the case together. The deeper they go, the more seedy things get.

There’s a mine trying to expand their operations. There’s local leader Maureen, who is trying to bribe the area’s indigenous people into using the raw materials on their land. And there’s a van filled with Asian women who are being forced to sell themselves to pay for their debts.

“I want to clean away the dust. I want to make it shiny again,” says one man. But even though they’re the heroes of this tale, Jay and Josh are nearly destroyed by it. You can see in the pain in each view of Jay’s face as he comes back through the desert.

Selected as the greatest Australian film of 2016 by The Guardian, Goldstone has been described as “film noir meets the Great American Wrestern in the Outback.” It’s finally available in the U.S. as of September 11 from MVD Entertainment.

I really enjoyed Jacki Weaver (a 2-time Oscar nominee for Animal Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook) as the mayor. She presents herself as someone that cares for the people in her area, but only certain people. It’s sobering to realize that even across the world, the people who originally lived in an area and the immigrants who are new to it are as ostracized as they are here in America.

If you’re looking for a crime drama that takes place in an environment that is just a bit unfamiliar, Goldstone is the movie for you.

Disclaimer: I was sent this movie by its PR team, but as you know, that has no bearing on my review.

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