Cam-Girl (2016)

Cam-Girl sounds like it’s going to be a sexploitation film. Instead, it’s a low budget thriller where one actress has to carry 99% of the running time by talking on the telephone. How does that work out?

Gessica (Erin Cline) lives two lives. By day, she’s a student struggling to pay her mortgage and keep up with raising a baby. And by night, she indulges men’s fantasies by dressing up and appearing on the internet. Where this film appears like it’s just going to be a Cinemax After Dark affair, it takes a turn into psychological territory when Gessica becomes the target of the Box Cutter Killer.

The Box Cutter Killer doesn’t just want to kill her. He wants to ruin her life, holding her at gunpoint from a distance and ordering her via telephone to call all of her former lovers and confess to how she lied and manipulated them.

Erin Cline is a decent actress and somehow carries the film for much of its near 90-minute running time. She’s able to handle the beauty side of the film as well as dealing with the terror that the long conversation with the killer engenders. And she does really well in the scene that breaks the mold of the film where she talks to her mother, who doesn’t believe that she could be a web cam girl.

The voice on the other side of the phone desperately wants to be Billy from Black Christmas. Unfortunately, it suffers by comparison. This movie might predate the incel movement, but it definitely feels like it understands it.

Writer/director Curt Wiser had a rough road ahead of himself making this, as the film is basically a one-woman show. There is a ton of ADR in this film, though, and often the actual audio when its person to person is a bit hard to hear. And by an hour into the film, I felt like the film could have been compressed a bit.

You can check this film out for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Disclaimer: I was sent this film for review by Curt Wiser, the writer, director and producer of the film. In no way did that impact the review of this film.

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