Horror House on Highway 6 (2014)

Remember when we discussed Horror House on Highway 5? Well, there’s another house, this time on highway 6. There, a doctor lives in a bomb shelter and awaits the second coming of Elvis Presley. There’s also a killer armed with an axe.

Four college students are searching for the horror house and want to prove the reality of ghosts when a possessed soda machine hurts one of them. That brings them to a clinic that is really the horror house.

I think I love the original — love is a strong term, I think — because it may be amateurish, but it looks better on film. This shot on digital video film loses something as the cheese in it is way more evident. It feels more amateurish than the first, if that’s even possible.

There’s all sorts of weirdness in here, so much so that I can’t totally dislike the film. Weird symbols ala Fulci, discussions about multiple versions of reality all happening at once, random characters showing up only to get killed and an ending that approaches — but does not match — the strange close of the original.

I’m glad there’s a sequel and I’m pleased that Richard Casey is still making movies. I just wish that they were better than this one. I kind of wish he’d write the script and oversee the film with an actual crew, DP and director, as he definitely has some great themes. He just needs a team to make them happen.

You can check it out on Amazon Prime.


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