Watch your eyeballs, because Monday it’s time to celebrate Lucio Fulci! Sure, everyone knows Zombi and House by the Cemetary. But we’re gonna get into some, well, deep cuts.

New York Ripper: Fulci’s roughest, most brutal film. This one reduced the London censor board for years and haunts them to this very day. You’ll never see Donald Duck the same way again.

The Devil’s Honey: Newly released by Severin in the US, this movie starts off with a saxphone aided love scene and only gets weirder .

Murder RockFlashdance ala Fulci…or a giallo with leotards.

Touch of Death: Late career Fulci that even Sam had trouble sitting the whole way through!

Demonia: A possession tale financed by mobsters and featuring crucified nuns, so you know it has to be great!

See you on Monday! YOU WILL LIVE IN FEAR!

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