B & S About Movies episode 74: Messiah of Evil

Bill and Mark joined us for Messiah of Evil, which is also the main subject of Bill’s new Drive-In Asylum (get your copy at http://etsy.me/2xXFtkF) We also discussed movies that Sam dreamed of watching in the 1970’s, like Dark Star and Laserblast, how Bill discovered Messiah of Evil, how much Becca hated A Ghost Story, multiple titles for the same movie, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, how insane Burial Ground is and its big secret, how Chiller Theater and WOR showed amazing movies uncut on regular TV, watching Godzilla and King Kong on the holidays instead of caring about holiday traditions, Son of Kong depression, how movies used to stay in theaters for years, what makes an art film versus a horror film, the soundtrack of Messiah of Evil playing while Becca and Mark sleep, a discussion of Romero films, sex symbols of the 70s, why Bluto is hot, when men’s magazines advertised on late night TV, who is Playgirl for, why does a movie get lost and another becomes a classic, the change between 1960’s horror and Night of the Living Dead, reading horror magazines and being convinced that monsters really existed, “between you and me, one of these kids has a pentagram on their palm,” Salem’s Lot on TV and so much more!

You can find it on iTunes or right here: http://bit.ly/2isSZdY

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