In case you didn’t know, we’re from Pittsburgh (actually, I’m from Ellwood City, PA — feet away from where Day of the Dead was filmed and Becca is from Detroit/Las Vegas, but spent summers here). As we’re both horror fans, the passing of George Romero is a big deal.

I’ve decided to watch some of his films — but instead of Night/Dawn/Day, movies that have had tons of ink and pixels devoted to their study, I’m going to concentrate on the films between Night and Dawn (and one directly after the success of the latter). We’ll get to the zombie films soon enough — I’ve gone on record in several podcasts that he loves Dawn and hates Day — but these films show the early growth of Romero as a filmmaker.

Starting Monday, those films will be:

There’s Always Vanilla

Season of the Witch

The Crazies



Join us on Monday! Please share your comments and thoughts too.

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