Starting this Monday, we’re proud to present our very first theme week! We’ve specially curated only the finest films to bring you the most in movie watching joy.

Do you like heavy metal? Do you like horror movies? Would you like to chocolate in your peanut butter these two tastes into one blood drenched, Satan obsessed, loud as hell spectacle? OF COURSE YOU DO.

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We’ll be covering:

BLACK ROSES – When the band Black Roses shows up to the small town of Mill Basin, parents are gonna die, teachers are gonna get seduced and demons are gonna take the stage!

TRICK OR TREAT – Sammi Curr died for rock and roll. Now, he’s coming back to make everyone else pay!

THE GATE – If you play your albums backward, a giant pit to hell in your backyard will unleash demons on your house, kill your best friend and dog, and then pull you into a wall!

ROCK ‘N ROLL NIGHTMARE – Can Jon Mikl Thor defeat Satan himself? And will his band survive?

ROCKTOBER BLOOD – A singer dies after recording an album. When the band finally tours, he comes back for revenge.

Words cannot explain the excitement that we have for these movies. Please join us here on Monday for an entire week of groupies, guitars and gore! RAISE YOUR HORNS AND CLICK BACK HERE!

And we’ve since reviewed:

MONSTER DOG – If you wanted a film where a rocker, played by Alice Cooper, is really a werewolf, you found it.

BLOOD TRACKS – Imagine The Hills Have Eyes, but in a skiing lodge, with a metal band.

TERROR ON TOUR – A not-so-heavy metal band, the Clowns, are stalked by a fan dressed as one of the faux-KISS members.

HARD ROCK ZOMBIES – Will Adolf Hitler’s new Reich will be stopped by the zombied Holy Moses?

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