B&S About Movies podcast episode 68: Terror House

Bill and Mark from Groovie Doom join us to explore Terror House, which is also the focus of the new issue of Bill’s zine Drive-In Asylum. We discuss Terror House, of course, and how it predates The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; when movies have too many titles; how to pronounce Ed Gein; Revenge from Planet Ape; cannibal movies; the Manson family and their impact on movies; Bill’s friendship with Terror House star Linda Gillen; why Sam won’t go on vacations to the islands; booze cruises; Anton LaVey as the Quincy of the occult and how he was involved with both Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield; the name of Jayne Mansfield’s dog; a quick review of I Saw What You Did and discussion of Joan Crawford; Mae West’s internal body chemistry and Sexette; Mark makes everyone pledge to never get plastic surgery; would cannibals eat people who have had plastic surgery?; Bert Convy and David Gest; TV movies and how great they were; Rock Hudson and Liberace in the National Enquirer; Dynasty 2: The Colbys; what Sam used to do before he met Becca for fun; Liz Taylor’s sad last days; trying to explain Jan-Michael Vincent to Becca; stories about Sam growing up with a brother who hated horror movies; Mae West and her love of Terror House; Sam’s love of Fulci’s Conquest; Harrison Ford hates every movie he’s ever been in; everyone’s favorite movie; Dawn of the Dead vs. Day of the Dead; Asia Argento and so much more! And this is only part one…we didn’t even watch the movie in this episode! Stay tuned for part two soon! BUY DRIVE-IN ASYLUM AT https://www.etsy.com/shop/GroovyDoom

Download the new episode at https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/bandsaboutmovies/episodes/2017-07-07T02_59_24-07_00

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