DRIVE-IN ASYLUM audio commentary: The Folks at Red Wolf Inn

Check out the second commentary track (following Messiah of Evil) that we’ve posted just for fun — The Folks at Red Wolf Inn AKA Terror House. Starring Linda Gillen, John Nielson, Mary Jackson, Arthur Space, Margaret Avery, Janet Wood and Michael MacReady, directed by Bud Townsend and originally released September 1972, I think it comes out as Bill and I speak on this film that it’s one of our favorite movies.

If you want to learn even more about this film, I heartily recommend the zine Drive-in Asylum. In issue eight, there’s an interview with Linda Gillen that goes in-depth into every facet of the film and its production, as well as a great article by Terry Thome that dissects the film’s mixture of romance, horror and comedy. In fact, if you check out the Drive-In Asylum etsy store, you’ll find everything from signed VHS copies of the film, promotional photos and even a cookbook inspired by the film! I’m proud to say that I illustrated this unique souvenir of this film, which as a real honor (and I even have one signed by Linda).

BONUS: We spent two full episodes of our podcast discussing this movie, which will give you even more insight into the sheer craziness at the heart of this film.

We also had Linda Gillen on our Drive-In Asylum Double Feature show.


DRIVE-IN ASYLUM audio commentary: Messiah of Evil

You may already know how much I love Messiah of Evil, but now Bill Van Ryn from Groovy DoomDrive-In Asylum and the weekly Drive-In Asylum Double Feature and I have teamed up to create a commentary track for the film. Plus, you get an ad gallery of the many names this film has used and a cocktail recipe, just like you’re watching the weekly show. Yet even better, you get to watch the movie with us and get to hear why we love it and lots of information on how it was made.

Check it out and please give us feedback. If you like it, please share.