Giorgio Moroder is more than just the father of disco. He’s contributed to the entire world of synth in music and his film work is vast.

It would take so long to list every amazing song and album Moroder created, but beyond his own work, I’d start with “Bad Girl” and “Last Dance” by Donna Summer, “Call Me” by Blondie, “The Number One Song In Heaven” by Sparks, his work with Daft Punk and, of course, “Body Next to Body” by Falco and Bridgette Nielsen.

His song “Chase” from Midnight Express is just part of the score that won Moroder an Academy Award for Best Original Score and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. It was also used for years by the pro wrestling theme to the point that just the first few notes make most fans get ready to cheer. Moroder also won a Best Song Oscar for “Flashdance…What a Feeling” from Flashdance and “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun, a song that he claims is his favorite. Other soundtracks include Electric DreamsScarfaceBattlestar GalacticaD.C. Cab and Superman III.

April 26: Oh Giorgio! — Pick a movie with a Giorgio Moroder score. Here’s a list to get you started.

Here are some films we’ve already written about with Moroder songs:

Over the Top (1987): Moroder scored this movie, with probably the Kenny Loggins’ voiced song “Meet Me Halfway” being the most remembed song.

Foxes (1980): The second movie that Moroder scored after American Gigolo, he wrote Donna Summer’s “On the Radio” for this movie.

Cat People (1982): Cat People (Putting Out the Fire)” is the best song from this film. David Bowie wrote the very film-referencing lyric while Moroder composed the music, which is built around only two chord changes. Bowie was unhappy with this version and re-recorded it for his album Let’s Dance with Niles Rogers producing and Stevie Ray Vaughn playing guitar on a much harder version of the song.

What are you watching or listening to?

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