For the fifteenth day of the B&S About Movies April Movie Thon, let us kneel. Let us stand.

April 15: Good Friday — You don’t have to go to church but you do have to watch a religious-themed movie.

All April long, we’ll have thirty themes as writing prompts. If you’d like to be part of it, you can just send us an article for that day to bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com or post it on your site and share it out with the hashtag #BSAprilMovieThon.

Here are some films that we can recommend to watch today:

J.C. (1972): J.C. And His Disciples Were A Gang Of Broads, Bikes And Blacks. Basically, if Satan is an acidhead, so is Jesus. And if you ever heard someone say Christ on a bike, now you can see it for yourself.

The Late Great Planet Earth (1978): 70 percent of The Holy Bible‘s predictions by the prophets of old have come true. So, if those predictions did, it follows the other 30 percent will happen in our lifetime. It’s time to get frightened.






















A Thief In the Night (1972): Years before Left Behind, Donald W. Thompson was creating an entire Rapture cinematic universe. Get ready to get even more frightened!

What are you watching?

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