Welcome back to the April Movie Thon.

April 11: Mr. Crowley — The number eleven symbolizes the union of the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos, as the sum of the 5 and the 6, being the 5 related to the Pentagram and the 6 related to the Hexagram. So, 11 joins the meanings of both the correlations and means the All*. Even if you don’t believe in love under law and all that, just write about an Aleister Crowley-related movie.

All April long, we’ll have thirty themes as writing prompts. If you’d like to be part of it, you can just send us an article for that day to bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com or post it on your site and share it out with the hashtag #BSAprilMovieThon.

Here are some films that we can recommend to watch today:

The Devil Rides Out (1968): After his second book, The Forbidden Territory, Dennis Wheatley decided to write a book about black magic. A friend introduced him to Aleister Crowley, the Reverend Montague Summers and Rollo Ahmed, which led to The Devil Rides Out. Terrence Fisher directed this adaption and it’s everything you want it to be.

Night Tide (1961): While not strictly Crowley-related, this film was directed by someone who studied him (Curtis Harrington) and stars someone married to one of Crowley’s students (Marjorie Cameron) and concerns the idea that the unreal can be just as real as our everyday.

Performance (1970): The director of this movie, Donald Cammell, was raised in a home “filled with magicians, metaphysicians, spiritualists and demons” and spent his childhood bouncing on the knee of “the wickedest man in the world” himself. Therefore, the movie he made is one that didn’t just change mindsets, it changed lives andnot always for the good.

What are you watching?

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