This week, we’re joined by G.G. Graham from Midnight Movie Monster and many more places as she comes back for a second time to bring us two wild movies. We get started at 8 PM EST on the Groovy Doom Facebook page and we’ll get done at, oh, 2 AM or so.

Our first movie is The Boogey Man, which you can watch on YouTube.

Every show, we discuss the films, show an ad gallery and even have drink recipes. Here’s the one for the first movie.

Boo-Dew Man

  • 5 oz. Mountain Dew
  • 5 oz. orange juice
  • 2 oz. Malibu rum
  1. This one is simple. Just mix it in a glass over ice. Watch out for evil mirrors, though.

The Psychopath AKA An Eye for an Eye is up next and you can it on YouTube.

The Psychopath (taken from this recipe)

  • 5 oz. Kahlua coffee liqueur
  • .25 oz. amarula cream liqueur
  • .25 oz. rum
  1. Layer the liquor in this order: Kahlua, amarula, then rum.
  2. Do the shot and be nice to Mr. Rabbey and his pals.

See you Saturday!

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