DRIVE-IN FRIDAY: Get On the Train

This week, our drive-in goes on the road — err, the rails — to deliver four different horrific tales that take place on a train. All aboard!

1. Terror Train (Roger Spottiswoode, 1980): Jamie Lee Curtis’ third entry into the early days of the slasher, Terror Train may not have a unique plot, but it does have an original mask-changing killer, a great location and literal magic. By that, we mean the stage magic of David Copperfield.

2. Horror Express (Eugeno Martin, 1972): Also known as Pánico en el Transiberiano (Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express), this film unites three great actors — Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Telly Savalas — and puts them aboard a train that is being stalked by an alien being.

3. Dr. Terror’s House of Horror (Freddie Francis, 1965): The first of the Amicus series of anthology films, this film allows us to stay on board with the Lee and Cushing team. In this one, Cushing plays the tarot-card reading Doctor Schreck, whose fortunes to the other passengers include killer vines, voodoo trumpet music, disembodied hands, werewolves and vampires.

4. Last Stop on the Night Train (Aldo Lado, 1975): I love that this ad promises that there will be no happy ending for this steam-powered version of Last House on the Left. Also known as Night Train Murders, The New House on The Left, Second House on The Left, Don’t Ride on Late Night Trains, Late Night Trains, Last House Part II and Xmas Massacre, this movie ended up on the list of video nasties long after it was made.

Are you loving the idea of terror on a, well, train? Good news. We’ve got more track for next week. We’ll pick you up at the same time and same station.

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