Drive-In Friday: Rock, Rock, Rock Night

It’s time to forget all your troubles and indulge yourself in some musical films that just want to entertain you. Each of these movies are borderline insane and make little to no sense, which is just how we like them. Feel free to sing, dance and honk your horns whenever you want.

MOVIE 1: Streets of Fire (Walter Hill, 1984): In some better world than the one we exist in now — another time, another place — this movie was the most important film to come out in 1984 and people celebrate its comic book feel and shot completely indoors feel. This being the hellscape that we’re trying to escape with these movies, we’re not so lucky. But just watch the first five minutes of this and tell me, has Diane Lane ever looked or sounded so transcendent? That’s a trick question. Of course she has, she was in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.

MOVIE 2: Wild Zero (Tetsuro Takeuchi, 1999): There’s a chance that this movie is going to wipe everyone out by the end. It’s one of the most astounding films I’ve ever seen, a movie where Guitar Wolf is getting grenades tossed at him, so he starts tuninghis guitar. If you’re ever wondering what the perfect distillation of my brain looks like on film, this is it.

MOVIE 3: Voyage of the Rock Aliens(James Fargo and Bob Giraldi, 1984): James Fargo made The Enforcer and Every Which Way But Loose. Bob Giraldi made the video for “Beat It” and Club Med. Together, they made this ode to 1950’s films, but also a movie where Michael Berryman and a sea monster menace Pia Zadora. This is impossible to find, but guess what? If I had my own drive-in, I’d show it to you.

MOVIE 4: The Apple (Menahem Golan, 1980): If you thought I was going to show four musical movies and not show this, well, you don’t know me. I unironically love this movie like some people are slavish devotees to Star Wars. Except fans of the The Apple don’t get action figures or theme parks. We just get this movie, which is quite honestly the most camel toe that has even been on a screen and almost caused Menahem to kill himself, which would have deprived us of the magic that was Canon Films.

What are your four drive-in movies? Let us know. Any theme, any movies, no rules. Let us know!

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