EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Sean Mitus for sharing his drive-in night. He’s a big fan of the Mahoning Drive-In, so it was great to have him share these with us.

MOVIE 1: Bay of Blood (1971, Mario Bava): Bay of Blood is the often-imitated Bava proto-slasher often imitated (spear through the couple in bed scene stolen for F13, anyone). Directed by the master, Mario Bava.

MOVIE 2: Buio Omega / Beyond the Darkness (Joe D’Amato, 1979):  for the sheer creep factor. No hiding who the killer might be; just pure “what will he do next”. It even has the weird twinning later seen in Cemetery Man.

MOVIE 3: Dead Alive (Peter Jackson, 1992): Dead Alive is pure fun for horror geeks! More blood and guts than most zombie movies. The lead is subjected to far worse than Job for the love of his life. Plus you have a kung-fu priest!

Thanks Sean. Do you want to share your movies? Comment below or write to us at

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