SHOW YOUR STACKS: More stacks!

Thanks to all the folks who’ve replied so far to show us their collections! Keep in mind, you can show us as much or as little of your collection as you’d like! I’ll be featuring more of mine over the weeks to come, but I love seeing what other folks have!

Sean Mitus

Sean sent us this great photo and described some of what he has in his movie library: “I lack the eloquence to describe my “N” section. I see may “Night’s” in there, especially my favorite zombie film, George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. All are favorites else I wouldn’t own them. Some surprise discoveries through revival and festival screenings include Night of the Demons (met Alvin Alexis), Night of the Comet (met Mary Alice Stuart), Night Train Murders, Night Warning and the unforgettable New York Ripper (with Maniac 4K restoration presented by Bill Lustig). Some surprise discoveries through online reviews and publisher reputation include Ninja Busters, Night of the Creeps, and the indelible Neon Demon. Can’t wait for the next letter!”

Keoma Cobretti

First off, I love Keoma’s name! He sent us several photos of his collection, along with some write-ups of what’s in there.

I have a beautiful film collection and an amazing mediabook and digibook collection. Every back, every digital code sticker and everything they all came with is intact. I love films and love collecting them. I even wear latex gloves so I don’t smudge them with fingerprints. Long live cinema!”

Humphrey (Follow him on Twitter)

I’m totally jealous of this blu ray collection! Look at all that physical media nirvana!

Show us your collection by replying here or emailing us at

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