Show Your Stacks: Dustin Fallon

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dustin Fallon from Horror and Sons has always been a big promoter of our site and has been instrumental when it comes to getting writers for our many projects. I’m excited to get a look at his collection.

Howdy, horror heads and film freaks!!

From the moment that I saw Sam’s first post asking for readers to send in looks at their own collections, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this project! As a film collector of sorts, I’m am always looking for opportunities to talk about and show off the films that I love enough to make a part of my own personal home library.

That said, the part that came as a real surprise to me was just how few films beginning with the letter “N” that I actually own. (I’m sure there are films included on box sets that I’ve overlooked.) Well, let’s not waste any more time and get right into this, shall we?

Here’s the (almost) complete collection of “N” titles in my movie library. Kinda lacking, right? Since you’ve bothered to read this far, let’s take a moment to dissect a few!

The Naked Gun series – As much as I love my horror films, my favorite film of all time is NOT one. Say what you want, and I’m sure some of you will, but The Naked Gun never ceases to make me laugh. I can easily watch this film 100 times…. and I probably have.

Navy vs. the Night Monsters– This is one of those films I find myself frequently returning to… and for the love of God, I have no clue why. Simply put, every aspect of this film is a failure. Some might say that about that cast, which includes Mamie Van Doren, Anthony Eisley (The Wasp Women), and (occasional) Match Game panelist Bobby Van.

Embarrassed performances and shitty special effects steal the show. That said, I still enjoy the Hell out of this film, but purely for comedic reasons.

National Lampoon’s Vacation series (arguably should be filed under “V”)- Some of you may be looking at the pictured titles and thinking, “Well, those Vacation movies sure aren’t “horror”! Oh, really? Try living with a wife and children who not only watch the first film a good 20 times a year, but also feel the need to repeatedly quote lines from the films. Seriously!! I believe, come December, they must watch Christmas Vacation every single night! Now you know why I’m glad that I work the late shift!!

Necronomicon – A fun, gooey anthology that has finally received a blu-ray release…. in other countries! I could tell you more about this film, or you could click the film’s title and read this review that I wrote for my own site back in 2016.

Nightbreed – I prefer the untouched theatrical release. Fight me.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – I have no shame in stating that I love this film! Always have! I’m admittedly a huge fan of the soundtrack as well, and I still find the animation to be beautiful!

However, unlike many other fans that I know, I just can not watch it at Halloween (as I don’t want to hear jack shit about Christmas in October), nor can I watch it at Christmas (as I’m still depressed that Halloween ended more than a month ago). For me, this tends to get watched around Thanksgiving each year, because really…. how many times can you watch Thankskilling or Blood Freak? Ok, I can watch Blood Freak a few times.

Nightmare Castle set – A “must own” for any true horror fan, in my opinion. I knew I had to have the signed edition as soon as I saw it become available.

Night of the Lepus – Look, if you can’t find the amusement in watching a bunch of bunnies run around in a model town, kicking Matchbox cars as they march a path of cute, cuddly death…… well, we probably can’t be friends.

Night of the Living Dead blus – My Criterion Collection version is not pictured, but there is a duplicate of that release in the 50th Anniversary edition. Why buy multiple copies of the GREATEST HORROR FILM EVER MADE? (Again, fight me) Because they exist. I need no further reason.

Nosferatu – A “must own” if you appreciate this film. The Kino Lorber release is just stellar.

Nurse Sherri – Such an odd and uneven film, but I still find it highly entertaining… albeit for the wrong reason. Again, click the film’s title for a review that I wrote back in 2015. Thanks to Steve Perry for the inspiration.

Not pictured:

Nightmare Worlds 50-Movie Set – Completely forgot about this one when I took the picture. Another smorgasbord of classic (and not-so-classic) sci-fi and monster flicks from Mill Creek.

Nightmare in Wax (VHS) – Wait… Are we counting those as well?

(A) Nightmare on Elm St. 1-5 (VHS) – Ehh, you’ve seen Freddy before.

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