CHILLING CLASSICS month begins today!

Do you have the Mill Creek Chilling Classics set? You should — it’s a really inexpensive way to get some great films, as long as you aren’t overly concerned about the transfer or video quality.

Starting today with Murder Mansion and Death Rage, we’ll be covering every single movie in this set. And because there are two different versions of Chilling Classics, we’ve doubled up and will still cover every single option.

It’s not just me writing this month! We also are happy to feature the following writers: Bill Van Ryn from Groovy Doom and Drive-In AsylumJennifer Upton, John S. Berry, Roger Braden, Paul Andolina from Wrestling with Film, Roger Braden from Valley Nightmares, Blake Lynch, Cody Mascho, Camera Viscera, Dustin Fallon from Horror and Sons, Emily Fear, Melody Vena, JH Rood and even my wife Becca!

You can get the Chilling Classics set from WalMart and Amazon, as well as at your local used DVD store.

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