Exploring: Lost Kaiju Movies

For all the many, many movies that we’ve talked about in the last few days, there are some that we may never get to see. Here are three — beyond the two King Kong films we already talked about earlier, King Kong Appears in Edo and Wasei King Kong. Space Monster Wangmagwi: Made in South Korea in 1967, […]

EXPLORING: Pittsburgh Giallo

The other night, while we were watching The Majorettes on the Groovy Doom Drive-In Double Feature, I was struck by a strange idea. “Do you think this is a giallo,” my co-host Bill asked me. This is a regular occurrence, as I often see the yellow-tinged edges of the traditionally Italian psychosexual film genre — inspired […]

Exploring: Eddie Van Halen on Film

February 10, 1978: a day that changed hard rock music forever with the release Van Halen’s self-titled debut album. Fueled by the FM radio hits of “Eruption,” “You Really Got Me,” “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love,” “Running with the Devil,” and “Jamie’s Cryin’” the album eventually broke the U.S Billboard Album Top 20 to peak at […]

Exploring: The Howling

Much like Demons, Prom Night, Amityville, Children of the Corn and the House series of films, none of The Howling movies really seem to add up. No worries! That’s why we’re here, to be your guide through a series of movies that goes from the highest of highs to the absolutely lowest levels of cinema. So how did it all get […]