Michael Fischa Day: Crack House (1989)

Micheal Fischa made his feature film debut with the oft-Mill Creek box set-programmed horror comedy My Mom’s a Werewolf. For this next film he went ’70s retro-blaxploitation with this oft-run HBO’er that stars that genre’s Richard Roundtree (Killpoint) and ex-NFL’er Jim Brown (Take a Hard Ride). And for you fans of the ABC-TV daytime soap […]

Separate Ways (1981)

Karen Black is unhappy with her marriage, so she prays with her knees upward with a younger man (David Naughton! who also worked on Kidnapped!, the final film of Howard Avedis) after catching her husband, played by Tony Lo Bianco, aardvarking with one of his used car saleswomen. So begins the exploration of how a […]

Dr. Minx (1975)

“She’s a vixen — watch her operate.” Dr. Carol Evans (Edy Williams!) keeps having these short affairs but they leave her unsatisfied. She’s just dumped her latest boyfriend (William Smith!) but ends up injuring two kids — David (Harvey Jason) and Brian (Randy Boone) — who somehow end up falling for her. There’s also the […]

2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 30: Scorchy (1976)

DAY 30: BRING IT ON HOME: Something filmed in Seattle. “She’s killed a man, been shot at, and made love twice already this evening…and the evening isn’t over yet!” I mean, how am I not going to watch this movie after all that? Man, American-International kept putting out awesome movies late into the 1970’s, with […]

The Fifth Floor (1978)

Growing up, the Saint Francis Hospital would always send people with mental issues to the fifth floor. I’ve had certain family members who would have semi-regular vacations to the fifth floor. It got to the point that whenever someone would discuss whether or not someone was acting strangely, theyd say, “Well, they’re on the fifth […]

Hicksploitation: The Top 70 Good Ol’ Boys Film List – A collection of down-home films produced from 1972 to 1986

As the reviews begin to roll out for B&S Movies’ “Redneck Week” July spotlight, you’ll notice there’s a lot of fun being made at the expense of a rich, colorful culture that exists south of the Mason-Dixie line—not just by the filmmakers, but by the reviewers as well, especially me: the smarmy, he-thinks-he’s-so-funny, R.D Francis. […]

They’re Playing with Fire (1984)

Hikmet Avedis was the director of 1974’s The Teacher. Howard Avedis is the director of this film (as well as Mortuary). They’re similar films. And the same person. So there you go. This movie is all about Jay (Eric Brown, Private Lessons), who gets caught up in a film noir-like murder mystery. And see, you thought that this […]

Mortuary (1983)

Hikmet (or Howard) Avedis studied at the University of Southern California and won the George Cukor Award, which totally prepared him for a lifetime of working in exploitation fare. With titles like The Stepmother, The Teacher (consider it the grindhouse version of The Graduate), The Specialist (where Adam West fights against the water company), the Connie Stevens’ classic Scorchy and […]