2019: After the Fall of New York: A Second Look at the Film and the Life and Career of Michael Sopkiw

Dude, sometimes those stars align. The conjunction of B&S Movies’ recent “Star Wars Week,” our current “Ape Week,” and our upcoming “Shark Week” colliding with the calendar fade in this year of our Lord of 2019 leaves this writer with a morbid disappointment: the Italian-predicted post-apocalypse never happened. (Yes. Mr. Michael Sopkiw. This is your […]

Ape Week: Planet of the Apes: The Five Telefilms from the 1974 Series (1981)

B&S Movies’ readers are already up to speed on everything ape, with the franchise’s production minutiae readily available—if you want it. But here are the basics that led to the post-Star Wars POTA movies: As result of the first four films’ box office returns—it was the Star Wars of its day—Arthur P. Jacobs, the producer […]

UFO’s Are Real (1979)

After reviewing the made-in-Georgia Kubrick-Spielberg amalgamate that is UFO: Target Earth (1974), my mind — thanks to their somewhat similar titles (all of these ’70 UFO doc-titles are interchangeable, anyway) — drifted back to this documentary by Canadian filmmaker Ed Hunt. Ed Hunt is a guy that carries a lot of respect around the B&S […]

Mayflower II (2020)

There are movies that pleasantly surprise you. Then there’s this third feature film by the Lammiman brothers, Dallas and Greg: Greg’s the writer; Dallas is the director. The “surprise” behind the film: it eschews the usual apocalypse trappings of man battling the prophesied Beast of Revelations. Instead — with an influence of such Young Adult […]

The Velvet Vampire (1971): So, Whatever Happened to Gene Shane?

“You know what sells films, sweetie: tits and cheap lighting. What in the hell is this artsy-fartsy brass bed in the middle of the desert crap? How in the hell am I suppose to recycle this into another film? And we’re calling it ‘Cemetery Girls,’ got it?” — Roger Corman schools Stephanie Rothman on the […]

Part 2 of interview with producer, writer, director (and so much more) Joel Soisson

Yesterday, we shared part one of Joel Soisson, who has worked on some of our favorite movies such A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Phantoms, Pulse, Trick or Treat, The Supernaturals, The Prophecy and so many more. With the release of his new film, My Best Worst Adventure, available on Amazon, Comcast, FandangoNow, Vudu, Verizon Cable, Overdrive and Vimeo, we got the […]