2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 30: Scorchy (1976)

DAY 30: BRING IT ON HOME: Something filmed in Seattle. “She’s killed a man, been shot at, and made love twice already this evening…and the evening isn’t over yet!” I mean, how am I not going to watch this movie after all that? Man, American-International kept putting out awesome movies late into the 1970’s, with […]

Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood (2004)

Way back in 1897, a man named Dumas (Mark Bedell) loses his sister Roxanne (Kennedy Johnson, Tomb of the Werewolf) to the fangs of Diana Ruthven (Gloria Anne-Gilbert, who hosted a series of releases as Morella Ghost Hostess with the Mostest, including House of Evil, The Blood Seekers, Disciple of Death, Blood Vision and Terror In the Crypt). Turning to Padre […]

Fast Company (1979)

David Paul Cronenberg. The man who gave ex-pornographic actress Marilyn Chambers a vampiric armpit. The man who made us lifelong fans of Micheal Ironside (John Saxon, Part Deux!) when he exploded his head via psychic brain waves. The man who knew we couldn’t pass up a film where Oliver Reed causes Samantha Eggar to “birth” […]

Exploring: John Saxon

Born Carmine Orrico on August 5, 1936 and sadly departing this Earth just a few days ago, John Saxon is my favorite actor of all time. This isn’t hyperbole. This is fact, as Saxon unites nearly every one of my favorite film genres. You can always count on him to deliver the goods, no matter […]

Exploring: Andy Sidaris

Starting with 1973’s Stacey and 1979’s Seven, the former director of ABC’s Wide World of Sports and innovator of instant replay, slow-motion replay and split-screen views created a world of men that can’t shoot straight and gorgeous female agents. He called his movies b-movies, not because they were lower in quality, but because he filled them with what he referred […]

Hollywood Man (1976)

Jack Starrett may be best known for Blazing Saddles, but he was also in plenty of biker movies like The Born Losers, Hells Angels on Wheels, Angels from Hell and Hell’s Bloody Devils. He moved on to directing, making films like Run, Angel, Run; Nam’s Angels; Cleopatra Jones; Race With the Devil and Kiss My Grits.  William Smith is an actor […]

ANOTHER TAKE ON: Grave of the Vampire (1972)

As we wrote about back when we covered Dream No Evil, John Hayes began his career producing and directing short subjects and even appeared an actor in movies like The Shaggy D.A. and his own End of the World. The movies he directed included The Grass Eater, Five Minutes to Love, the incredibly named Jailbait Babysitter, the adult movies Pleasure Zone […]