Ten Jaws Ripoffs

If we’ve learned anything over this last BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS week, it’s that there are plenty of other fish (and bears and alligators and devilfish and piranha and barracuda) in the sea. These are the ten best ones that we’ve found and as you’ve read above, a movie doesn’t have to have a shark […]

Exploring: SOV Filmmaker Jon McBride

“At the time I didn’t think anyone but the people involved were going to see [Cannibal Campout] and when it was actually picked up for distribution I was shocked. The fact that it’s achieved any kind of cult status is totally amazing to me. Even after Cannibal [Campout] was distributed I thought only a handful […]

Reed’s Point (2021)

March 2022 Update: Uncork’d Entertainment has announced Reed’s Point will be released to DVD and Digital platforms on April 12, 2022. You can follow the project’s ongoing developments on its Facebook and Instagram pages. In fact, you can now watch Reed’s Point as a free-with-ads stream on Tubi. Advanced Release News: You’ve enjoyed the work […]

Bits and Pieces (1985)

If Leland Thomas, an ex-army combat photographer in his lone writing and directing effort, wanted to blow out all other SOV horror films released in the wake of Boardinghouse (1982; that review is coming!) — the first home video-era shot film — then he succeeded. (Blood Cult was the first SOV video store-only distributed film; […]

No Code of Conduct and A Letter from Death Row (1998)

Did you know that actor Charlie Sheen and Poison’s lead vocalist Bret Michaels (The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years) are best buds (check out this joint interview with both). So much so that they formed their own production company, Sheen Michaels Entertainment. Another principal in the company is writer-director Nick Cassavetes […]

Jurassic Hunt (2021)

If the title doesn’t give it away: Hank Braxtan, who gave us the uber silly but really fun mockbuster that is Snake Outta Compton (2018), is mixing Universal Studios’ Michael Crichton-bred dinosaurs* with Richard Connell’s later apoc-influencial The Most Dangerous Game (1932)**. However, since we’re talking ’bout movies and not books: Craig Zobel’s critically derided […]