Come Out and Play (2012)

This film is a remake of Who Can Kill a Child, which was a shocking movie in 1976. Guess what? It still is now. Beth (Vinessa Shaw, Hocus Pocus) and Francis are enjoying their last vacation before the birth of their child. But just like Lewis Fiander and Prunella Ransome before, they soon realize that the island […]

Ten Bands Made Up for Movies

I realize that this list is going to be controversial. After all, there are hundreds of bands that could be picked for this list. Me, I’m only picking ten. Yes, I could have picked your favorite. It wasn’t with any bad intent. It may have even been ignorance on my part. Actually, make your own […]

Exploring: 50 Gen-X Grunge Films of the Alt-Rock ‘90s

Editor’s Note: Thank you to our readers for making this one of our most-visited posts. Bookmark it for your one-stop reference for grunge flicks. We’ve since newly reviewed (and hyperlinked) several of the films referenced within each of the reviews to discover. Before Nirvana, the Spin Doctors, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam, […]

DEAF CROCODILE BLU RAY RELEASE: The Son of the Stars (1987)

Directed by Călin Cazan and Mircea Toia (who also made Delta Space Mission) this Romanian science fiction animated movie is at once several films you’ve seen before and then like nothing you’ve seen before. In the year 6470, two married explorers receive a distress signal from a female astronaut who went missing years before. Leaving their son […]


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Justice is the only illegitimate offspring born of a short-lived union between a frustrated English horror movie star and an American film festival groupie. His legacy, therefore, is to obsessively pursue a litany of ill-defined ambitions in the industry (editor, director, actor) while also falling hard and fast for anything with […]

Hawk Jones (1986)

Bugsy Malone is one of the strangest movies you’ll find, Sir Alan Parker’s gangster musical that stars Scott Baio, Jodie Foster and an all-child cast. Hawk Jones does that and goes beyond, with an all-child cast from Moline, Illinois shot on video and instead imitating the days of Dillinger and Capone, they’re making a direct to […]

Tubi picks 26: Albert Pyun

The world lost someone who truly loved film this week. Albert Pyun started his career getting to work in Japanese film thanks to actor Toshiro Mifune and worked on a TV series with him, which allowed him to study with Akira Kurosawa’s Director of Photography Takao Saito. After working in advertising, Pyun made it to […]

Chattanooga Film Festival: Three Ways to Dine Well (2022)

Written, produced and directed by Alison Peirse, an Associate Professor of Film at the University of Leeds who “is drawn to the untold stories of women working in film, both in front of and behind the camera,” Three Ways to Dine Well is the kind of horror documentary we need more of. It’s not concerned with […]