LOST TV WEEK: The Best of Times (1981)

Before Mandy. Before The Wicker Man. Before Face/Off. Hell, before Fast Times at Ridgemont High and anything else he did, Nicholas Cage appeared in this blast of odd, a failed TV pilot from 1981 that was supposed to be the Laugh-In for the video generation. This absolute mess was directed by Don Mischer, who today is better known for being […]

LOST TV WEEK: Spectre (1977)

Originally airing on May 21, 1977, this show was co-written by Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek writer Samuel A. Peebles and directed by Clive Donner (What’s New Pussycat, the Get Smart reboot The Nude Bomb (which had Sylvia Kristel in it!) and the 1981 Charlie Chan reboot Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen). William Sebastian (Robert Culp, I Spy, The Greatest […]

Norman J. Warren Week: Spaced Out, aka Outer Touch (1979)

“Computer’s Log: Star Date 6969: Space, Space, Space. I’m sick of schlepping through space. I though it would be exciting to boldly go where no computer has gone before. To check out strange, new galaxies and kinky, new life forms. But noooo. I’m stuck, here, on this spaceship with three crazy chicks. All they do […]