Carving Magic (1959)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to properly carve the meat from an animal? Any animal? Good news. The fine folks at Swift and Company and their at-home economist Martha Logan are here to show you how to properly carve along the fibers of meat and render any animal into a great tasting cut […]

2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 27. 666: Beware the End is at Hand (2007)

DAY 27. ALKEBULAN: Watch something from the second largest continent. Religious men try all ways to reach out to the unwashed. There were those that tried TV shows like Davey and Goliath. Jack Chick gave out billions of tracts. And then there are those like Ron Ormond and Estus Pirkle, whose If Footmen Tire You, […]

PURE TERROR MONTH: The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)

Are you in the mood for a hammy n’ macabre horror flick of the worst Ed Woodian proportions, rife with bad puns and pratfalls (“Mort the Mortician” takes a Three Stooges-inspired tumble on skateboard) punctuated by trombone “Wah-Wah-waaaahhhhhhs” that would give Benny Hill or Paul Hogan pause? Do you have a hankering for a hokey […]

PURE TERROR MONTH: The Embalmer (1965)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: An American living in London, Jennifer Upton is a freelance writer for International publishers Story Terrace and others. In addition, she has a blog where she frequently writes about horror and sci-fi called Womanycom. The Embalmer (1965), aka Il Mostro di Venezia is a slow burner that fits somewhere in between the horror sub-genres […]

EXPLORING: Slasher Remakes

If there’s one thing Hollywood can’t get enough of, it’s mining the past to try and one-up what has come before. With the resurgence of the slasher after 1996’s Scream as well as a world where teenagers riled the box office, all manner of once-dormant properties now had a new lease on life. The only difference is that now, […]