Howard Avedis Week: Mortuary (1983)

Editor’s Note: This review ran on October 17, 2019. We’re bringing it back for our “Hikmet ‘Howard’ Avedis Week” of reviews. Hikmet (or Howard) Avedis studied at the University of Southern California and won the George Cukor Award, which totally prepared him for a lifetime of working in exploitation fare. With titles like The Stepmother, The Teacher […]

UFO’s Are Real (1979)

After reviewing the made-in-Georgia Kubrick-Spielberg amalgamate that is UFO: Target Earth (1974), my mind — thanks to their somewhat similar titles (all of these ’70 UFO doc-titles are interchangeable, anyway) — drifted back to this documentary by Canadian filmmaker Ed Hunt. Ed Hunt is a guy that carries a lot of respect around the B&S […]

Peter Carpenter Double Feature: Vixen (1968) and Love Me Like I Do (1970)

“The industry is in bad shape. The people in Hollywood don’t care about films. They’re only worried about lining their pockets.”— The Tinseltown wisdoms of Peter Carpenter These two, lost Peter Carpenter movies have dogged us long enough! It’s time we complete the review quartet of Pete’s four films, which includes his two writing and […]