Wrestling Queen (1973)

Wrestling Queen is less about Vivian Vachon, the titular rassling royalty, than it is about early 1970’s pro wrestling. This movie near-instantly puts a lie to the rewritten Vince McMahon Jr. history of wrestling that big crowds and families didn’t attend wrestling shows until the rock and wrestling connection of the early 80’s. Vivian comes from […]

Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (1985)

Once, years ago, “Skull Crusher” Johnson took on Mad Dog Joe De Curso for the title. Johnson got caught in the ropes, Mad Dog hit a dropkick and “Skull Crusher’s” head went flying into the crowd. After being acquitted of manslaughter, Mad Dog attached the judge and bailiff, went to jail and then jumped off […]

MILL CREEK DRIVE-IN CLASSICS: Night Train to Terror (1985)

EDITOR’S NOTE: You know, someone else was supposed to write this and didn’t send anything, but we all know that I was fated to write about Night Train to Terror right? I first shared my thoughts on this film on October 19, 2018 and in Drive-In Asylum #14 which you can buy right here. This version combines elements […]

Amityville Witches (2020)

“The Belle Witches have to revisit their magical talents to deter the evil Dominique Marcom from trying to raise the demon Botis into the world.” You may read the sell line from this and wonder — a movie with an alternate title of Witches of Amityville Academy — “Is this an Amityville movie?” And i”m wondering, […]

Surviving Supercon (2021)

We’ve all gone to comiccons, right? But have you ever tried to run one of your own? Before you jump into something that huge, maybe you should watch this insider look at convention production. Husband and wife owners Mike Broder and Sandy Martin run Supercon, an annual three day pop culture convention that celebrates comic […]