TABLOID WEEK: Mysteries from Beyond Planet Earth (1975)

George Gale has mostly worked as a post-production guy, but he also produced and directed two strange 1970’s Fortean documentaries, Mysteries from Beyond Planet Earth and Are We Alone in the Universe? Narrated by character actor Lawrence Dobkin, this movie pretty much hits every single theory in its 94-minute whirlwind of info. Your host stays calm through […]

TABLOID WEEK: The Force Beyond (1978)

The Weekly World News was launched in 1979 by The National Enquirer publisher Generoso Pope, Jr. as a means to keep using the black-and-white press that when that higher profile tabloid went to full color. Unlike any of the other rags you’d get at the supermarket, The Weekly World News was unafraid to wildly speculate on aliens, monsters and Elvis. It also introduced Batboy to the […]

TABLOID WEEK: Guyana: Cult of the Damned (1979)

René Cardona Jr. didn’t stop with making a softcore porn shark movie with Tintorera…Tiger Shark or the utterly baffling Bermuda Triangle. Now, he’s back to shock you senseless with the kind of true retelling of the Jonestown Massacre, Guyana: Cult of the Damned. He’s no stranger to strangeness — after all, his father made Santa Claus vs. The Devil. Reverend […]