SLASHER MONTH: The Wind (1986)

Nico Mastorakis has a pretty good resume filled with VHS rental faves, including Island of Death, The Greek Tycoon (ironically, when he was a reporter, he went underground as a musician for the group of popular singer Yanni Poulopoulos and invaded Aristotle Onassis’ yacht, the Christina, where the Greek, well, tycoon was hosting Jackie (before they married) […]

Vanishing Point (1997)

Did you know their was a remake of Vanishing Point? It’s okay. No one does. The FOX-TV Network—back when they were in the business of creating original content, in lieu of reality programming and weirdo-dorky Seinfeld (sorry, Sam) wanna-be shitcoms—retooled this 1971 classic made by their sister film studio. Ack! No one should be poking […]

Barb Wire (1996)

I kind of love that Barb Wire has basically the same story as Casablanca — Roger Ebert pointed that out — yet Ingrid Bergman didn’t show off her nipples on stage at Rick’s before the credits even started to roll. This movie was made in one of the many races to get comic books on screen. This […]

Plaguers (2008)

When an alien contagion is released aboard a spaceship transforming its victims into demonic flesh-eaters, the crew must either destroy the infected or join them. Steve Railsback — yes, the dude from Turkey Shoot and Blue Monkey — stars as Tarver. The Pandora is a freight transport carrier headed toward Earth with a desperately needed new energy supply […]

2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 14: Blue Monkey (1987)

DAY 14. S.T.D. Madness: No, not syphilitic symptoms! Science, Transformation & Dabbing; a cracked scientist’s creative palette. Producer Sandy Howard (A Man Called Horse, The Neptune Factor — look for that one in oh, a few hours on our site, The Devil’s Rain!, Meteor) had a three-picture deal with RCA-Columbia back in the glorious days of […]

The Survivalist (1987)

Let’s not beat around the radioactive bush and go straight to the Def-Cons. The Def-Con 3 caveat: Contrary to the VHS cover, the Russians do not “strike back.” Not by missiles. Not by a Red Dawn or Invasion USA invasion. It’s just Americans fighting Americans. There’s no Russian collusion; the enemy is within: his name […]