BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Cop Game (1988)

An elite group of commando assassins — Cobra Squad! — are murdering high ranking U.S. soldiers in the closing days of Vietnam. To stop them, Morgan (Brent Huff, Gwendoline, Nine Deaths of the Ninja) and Hawk (Max Laurel, who played Zuma in two films and Quang in Robowar) must have one another’s back against a massive conspiracy. Yes, […]

Captain America (1990)

Written by Stephen Tolkin and directed by Albert Pyun — who interned on a Toshiro Mifune TV series under Akira Kurosawa’s Director of Photography before making movies like Cyborg, Alien from L.A., Radioactive Dreams, The Sword and the Sorcerer and so many more — this film started at Universal, who got the rights after the CBS TV movies. […]

The Sisterhood (1988)

Cirio H. Santiago, so many of your movies have crossed my path. You pretty much owned the market when it came to post-apocalyptic films made in the Phillipines, thanks to movies like Raiders of the Sun, Dune Warriors, Equalizer 2000, Wheels of Fire and Stryker. (And we can’t forget the majesty that is Firecracker and the Jaws rip, Demon of […]