Philippine War Week II: Invasion Cambodia, aka Intrusion: Cambodia (1983)

“There ain’t gonna be no rematch.” — Apollo Creed, telling you there won’t be a “Philippine War Week III” Thank god. The last and final, ever, Philippine war flick reviewed on this site (well, sans the idiotic Commando Invasion snafu that led us to review it, twice, this week). We started this nonsense four months […]

Philippine War Week II: Tornado: The Last Blood (1983)

When people discuss the greats of Italian genre film, Antonio Margheriti usually doesn’t get mentioned. But man, he made some great movies, like And God Said to Cain, Cannibal Apocalypse, Code Name: Wild Geese and, of course, Yor Hunter from the Future. Giancarlo Prete (Escape from the Bronx) is your hero, Sgt. Sal Maggio, and he’s been […]

Philippine War Week II: The Last American Soldier (1988)

Directed and written by the Italian director Ignazio Dolce, who went from being an actor to directing six films of his own (the others are L’ammazzatina, Last Platoon, Leathernecks, Last Flight to Hell and La Spina del Papavero), this movie finds its hero Sgt. Roger “Commander” Craig — yes, the guy’s name is is a rank higher than his actual […]