License to Drive (1988)

Somehow, watching teen movies means watching so much of the Coreys. This time, Haim is Les Anderson and Feldman is Dean, with Haim’s character trying to get his driver’s license to that he can impress Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham). He fails the test multiple times, but still takes his grandfather’s 1972 Cadillac Sedan de Ville […]

Drive-In Friday: Documentaries About Directors Night

“Documentaries are boring. Who wants to watch a bunch of talking heads bragging about themselves?”—Eric, purveyor of film quality and all things Sein(feld)suck. And to a degree, I agree with my running-bud Eric: unless you have an interest in the subject matter at hand. As someone who’s spent his life in radio broadcasting and enamored […]

Round Trip to Heaven (1992)

“Shake it up, Shake it up, baby.”— Ric Ocasek of the Cars “Heaven Really Is That Hot, Huh?” — Courtesy of the Saban Entertainment copywriting department “Starring Zach Gallifan and Corey Feldman of Gremlins!” — Prism Entertainment’s copywriting hornswoggle Time to break out the B&S About Movies cocktail shaker! Let’s see what libations are on […]

Freedom (1982)

Ron, who is struggling to find a stable job after being fired from his mechanics gig, cannot afford to buy the Porsche 911 of his wild dreams. Then his dream cars appears . . . and it’s owned by Annie, an old high school girlfriend. They make a date to catch up, but Ron learned […]

The Believers (1987)

Based on Nicholas Conde’s book The Religion, The Believers is a movie that often goes where other films have the sense — or good taste — not to. Cats with their heads cut off, goats being killed, the bodies of kids being found sacrificed in rituals — if you’re coming into this one expecting a fun […]