JESS FRANCO MONTH: Death Whistles the Blues (1962) & Rififi in the City (1963)  

About the Author:  Sean Mitus grew up watching “Chiller Theater” & Pittsburgh UHF Channels and has been a drive-in enthusiast for the last eight years.  Sean enjoys all genres but has lately become fascinated with Italian horror, giallo and poliziotteschi films. Want something different from Jesus “Jess” Franco’s eurosleaze/eurohorror filmography, well look no further than […]

JESS FRANCO MONTH: Llámale Jess Redux (2014)

Fourteen years after Llámale Jess, director Carles Prats (who also made Drácula Barcelona, which tells the tale of how Jess Franco’s Count Dracula and Cuadecuc, Vampir were made at the same time, uniting the worlds of genre and arthouse) made a totally new edit of the documentary that he made about Franco and Lina Romay. After an entire month of […]

JESS FRANCO MONTH: La casa de las mujeres perdidas (1983)

Desdemona (Lina Romat) lives on an isolated island with her father Mario (Antonio Mayans), her stepmother Dulcinea (Carmen Carrión) and her mentally handicapped sister Paulova (Asunción Calero). What’s there to do on such an island? Well, beyond Desdemona’s onanistic acts on the beach, getting whipped by her mother and using her hand on her sister, she’s […]