HOUSE WEEK: House IV (1992)

You’d think I’d be done with House. Personally, I wish I’d stopped watching these movies with La Casa 3, because I have struggled through each of these. I’m nothing if not a completist and not watching one last film — after running the movie marathon that these films have become — shouldn’t be too bad, right? Roger […]

HOUSE WEEK: House (1986)

Steve Miner has so many cinematic sins to deal with — Soul Man, My Father the Hero, Big Bully (the next to last live action film Rick Moranis would appear in), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later — that you almost forget that he started his career making the second and third installments of Friday the 13th and today’s movie, House. Roger Cobb (William Katt, Carrie) […]

The House That Vanished (1973)

“When you finish watching this, R.D., please let me know if the house ‘vanished,’ and if so, where did it go?” *— Bill Van Ryn, Drive-In Asylum To start off this review, I’ve opted to use the Italian theatrical one-sheet — the title translates as the effective and logical, The Shadow of the Murderer — […]

Mill Creek Drive-In Classics Week: Savage Weekend (1976)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Benjamin Merrell lives in Seattle, WA. You can check out his blog at and follow him on Letterboxd. Several Manhattan yuppies escape the city for a nice, relaxing weekend in the hillbilly-infested Appalachian hills of…Upstate New York. Little do they know that their weekend of fun is about to turn deadly… […]